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Are we not bold? »

As both Women’s History Month (March) and International Women’s Day (March 8) approach, we can look forward to celebrating the stories of trailblazers like Rosa Parks, Leymah Gbowee and ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton.

Their examples give women everywhere hope and inspiration to make our own ways in the world.

But it can also be a little

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Jesus the workaholic »

After my parents divorced when I was in middle school, there wasn’t always a lot of money to go around.

To keep the household going, my mother worked five days a week at an elementary school, spent her weekends cutting hair and attended night classes to earn her bachelor’s degree.

She worked hard to build a life

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3 ways this election will make me better »

Like many people this election season, I had some really passionate beliefs about who should win the American presidency.

And, yes, I’m about to be intentionally vague about who I voted for because A) in our country the church lives out a call to be a fair and impartial place where people can prayerfully and thoughtfully

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Facing demons: Finding hope in Halloween »

This past year I found myself in a situation we’ve all had to deal with: My responsibilities at church forced me to spend a lot of time with someone with whom I rarely saw eye-to-eye.

Regardless of the topic, common ground eluded us. In fact, this person seemed determined not to like me. The nicer

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Curating our attention »

Recently, while killing a couple of hours in an outlet mall, I stumbled into a massive discount bookstore. I am a bit of a book snob, so an outlet mall certainly isn’t my first choice when looking for a new book to savor. But I had nowhere better to be, so I gave it a

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Is our shame indignation out of control? »

Let me start by being clear.

Under no circumstances do I feel anyone should have the right to make comments about the way another person looks, dresses, parents, expresses their indignation at injustice or [insert the next shaming hot topic here].

It’s not acceptable in a public space or forum, behind that person’s back in the company

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An image of love »

In this summer’s Gather Bible study, author Angela Shannon writes, “…if we are to achieve the grand vision of unity in Christ Jesus, we must see each other as children of God…perfect love casts out fear, and who is God? LOVE.”


We all know we are supposed to love one another, but it’s

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You are a poet »

You can blame my mother for the excitement that overcomes me during National Poetry Month every April. From the moment I learned to read, she was continually supplying me with the work of Shel Silverstein, paperback copies of Shakespeare’s sonnets and old literature textbooks from the thrift store.

For me poetry has become a

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