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Value who you are »

I have never enjoyed birthdays, and I really don’t look forward to them. It seems that birthdays come way too fast these days. And, after all these years, I still don’t know myself.

Everyone says just “be yourself.” What does that mean? It seems “who I am” has changed three or four times throughout

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Are we there yet? »

I remember as a kid taking road trips from Nashville to Chattanooga to visit my mom’s sister and my cousins—or from Nashville to Cottage Grove, Tenn., to see my other relatives. There were no interstates then; you had to take the state highways.

It seemed like it took forever to get where we were going.

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Easter means new beginnings »

I woke up last week with Easter on my mind and thought about a new dress and an Easter bonnet. My family wasn’t religious, but my mother always wanted me and my sisters to have new clothes for Easter, right down to our underwear. She always said that Easter was a new beginning, a

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Roses are red, violets are blue »

I remember when my sons were in grade school and Valentine’s Day came around. We would spend time picking out cards that would be distributed to classmates and friends, and, of course, there were always candy hearts and boxes of chocolates.

Valentine Day is, of course, about

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Bah humbug! »

We always get excited when December rolls around, thinking about gifts, family, friends, parties and, of course, eggnog. For most of us, it is a great time of anticipation.

The fun really begins when stores start special sales, and we find ourselves standing in line for what seems like hours only to learn they have sold

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God be praised! »

At All Saints Lutheran Church (Lilburn, Ga.) our Thankoffering Service is always the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. It includes the whole congregation, kids home from school and visiting family members. We always have pie, coffee and punch with lots of fellowship afterwards, laughing and visiting with family.

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“Change, what change?” »

Did you know that your life can change in one sweet breath and all you can do is stand in wonder?

I just returned home from Charlotte, N.C., and reality is starting to set in. I love going to our triennial conventions and gatherings, and this year my granddaughter Savannah came with me. I knew we

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Amazing grace »

I need to confess. As a struggling saint and expert sinner, there are times when the sins I have committed come to mind; thoughts or dreams of some distant memory, or some broken relationship, or unkind words spoken in haste and they will weigh heavy on my

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