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Engaging new voices »

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and the theme is “Engaging New Voices.”  In 2017, the focus is on getting more people involved in the movement to prevent sexual assault.

SAAM offers a most practical link entitled “where to get help” that opens into a list of a nationwide network of

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What’s love got to do with it? »

Love has been sentimentalized. Too often, it is stripped of its suffering and its passion—all that appears to have remained is the heart shape.

But suffering and love go hand in hand – especially in the Bible. The sacrifices of Leviticus outline a bloody method for appeasing an angry and holy God. The life force

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Dignity for all »

I am naive enough to still be shocked when I hear that some still think having an inaccessible business, church or campus is okay in today’s world.

I believe that it is every entity’s responsibility to be accessible to people living with disabilities. I also believe that these matters are not only the concern of people

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Columbus Day cringe »

Every year on Columbus Day I cringe. I am grateful the churchwide ELCA does not honor it as a holiday, but I continue to be frustrated that anyone does. Celebrating Columbus reinforces myth where there was bloody, brutal violence. Celebrating Christopher Columbus supports lies and encourages people of good will to remain ignorant of the

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How to have a helpful conversation about race »

We are all members of the same race: the human race. Biological differences in races do not exist. (I strongly recommend the PBS three-part series, “Race: The Power of an Illusion” for further explanation.)

People of color mostly dislike the phrase non-Whites. It speaks to what we are not as opposed to

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Free speech vs. right speech »

Are we our actions or our words? Are we evolving, growing living beings?

Does our free will give us the capacity to choose our responses to life? Or, are we forever to be caught in a cycle of habit and reaction to what life brings?

Guilt is the feeling we have when we have made a

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Haven’t we made progress? »

Race in our nation is complicated with a violent past and present. It is complicated because it permeates all of our lives, but it is often unnamed and misunderstood.

Racism is not easily eradicated. But, there has been progress! Not the kind of progress we might think of when we talk about racial progress—pointing out

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Why do we celebrate Christmas? »

Christmas traditions abound. The tree. The wreath. The gifts. The feast.

Every Christmas Eve at my house, four generations gather in a circle, hold hands and sing Happy Birthday to The King of Kings and The Prince of Peace. Then we each name what we will give Jesus the following year.

We know the precious

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