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How can you be at peace with Plan B? »

You plan, you prep, you make lists, and keep a schedule, but sometimes no matter how much you try, things don’t go as planned. How does that happen?

I pride myself in being organized. It’s second nature to me now. When it comes to my work, there is no way around it. Planning is key!

There is

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Transitioning into new beginnings: Part 2 »

In May of 2014, I wrote a blog called “Transitioning into new beginnings” where I talk of my excitement for my daughter’s graduation and celebrate her accomplishments as she headed to college.

“Though I celebrate her, I also feel that this is a graduation of my own, a graduation of transition and acceptance

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Sleepless in Chicago »

I used to be a night owl. Plus, I could function on five hours of sleep or less. My family would sleep while I caught up on work, laundry, bills or TV. Often, I would fight the urge to sleep, fight what my body was telling me to do. I wanted to

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2 loaves, 3 fishes and a couple coupons »

In Luke 9:12-17 we read about how Jesus sent his disciples to go out and preach the word of God and heal the sick. Soon the crowds gathered and the disciples found themselves trying to figure out how to feed a multitude of thousands with only five loaves and two fish. As a planner I

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Transitioning into new beginnings »

A few weeks ago, during a conversation with my daughter, I expressed my excitement for her, and asked her how excited she must be to have a new beginning, and how she felt to start this new chapter in her life. She replied with such hope and enthusiasm to my question.  She then followed her

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Time for me »

In our daily lives we sometimes find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of routines. We live our lives based on the schedules we ourselves create.  Whether it’s work or personal, there are schedules to make, appointments to keep, events to attend, meetings to plan and travel to do. I don’t know about you, but

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Sharing is caring »

Like many parents I partake in the ever so popular back-to-school picture in front of the house, or at school, etc. This year was no different. Take a picture, share it with friends via text or on Facebook, that’s usually the drill.

Although I did take a picture of my daughter in front of the

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The gift that keeps on giving »

I was recently invited to speak about fair trade at a synodical convention. In preparation for my presentation I researched Women of the ELCA’s commitment to fair trade through the years.

Women of the ELCA launched the “Pour Justice to the Brim: The 90 Ton-Challenge” in October 2003, partnering with Lutheran

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