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The fires continue to burn »

Last Thursday morning, news came of a forest fire that started overnight in a local national forest. Last Thursday morning also came news of gunfire that had occurred overnight in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. Each day since, it’s as though the smoke billowing from the fire represents the pain

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The virtue of getting un-dolled up »

If you were at the Ninth Triennial Gathering in Charlotte last summer, you might have been among the 700-plus women who attended the screening of the film “Miss Representation” by Jennifer Seibel Newsom. “Miss Representation” shows the role the media play in framing our views that a woman’s worth and achievements come

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Making a change »

Last night, as this little blog on New Year’s resolutions was almost finished and about to be due, I discovered a month-old article written by Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. The topic and byline: “Baptism begins real new year; Resolutions will always come up short in

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