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Gather magazine has a long tradition of offering summer Bible studies available for free download. We offer those to you here along with some of our resources that can be used as Bible studies.

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Listening to the Third Slave »

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This Bible study takes a fresh look at the parable of the talents in Matthew and Luke. What if the slave who tucked away the master's money wasn't lazy after all? What if he wanted to make a point?


The Story of Peter and Cornelius »

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This Bible study on Acts 10, the story of Peter and Cornelius, can also be used in your group to introduce people to Scripture that affirms diversity as being both of God and part of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Stitches & Scripture

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This 4-session Bible study takes seven weeks and pairs seasoned knitting mentors with beginners. Novice knitters will learn several basic knitting techniques as the group makes scarves and dishcloths, perhaps to donate to others. Everyone will learn a bit about how knitting is frequently used in Scripture as a metaphor to describe God’s creative and intimate relationship with us.

Gifts for You: Opening Your Spiritual Gifts

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Discovering or recovering your spiritual gifts and exploring how you can better use them is part of growing in faith and discipleship. Gifts for You, complete with two Bible studies, will help you in that discovery with its spiritual gifts assessment.

Act Boldly for Health »

Act Boldly for Health

This three-session study on health, wholeness (or wellness), and abundant living lifts up the Women of the ELCA's Raising Up Healthy Women and Girls initiative. Each approximately one-hour session is designed for group use but can also be used by an individual. 


Act Boldly for Mission »

Act Boldly for Mission

This three-part Bible study explores how women can boldly take part in God's mission to love, bless, and save the world. To be in the church, says author Kelly Fryer, is to participate in that mission by sharing the good news about Jesus Christ in word and deed. Each approximately one-hour session is designed for group use but can also be used by an individual.