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Bible studies being made new

May cover 2015Bible studies being made new

Have you heard? Gather is changing the format of its Bible studies. Instead of a nine-month study and a three-month summer study, it will run several studies during the year. And it will no longer publish a separate leader guide and companion Bible. Over the years, many readers have asked that the leader information be contained right in the magazine, and now this will be done.

Traditionally, Gather have asked a scholar, often retired, to write the nine-month study. Typically this person has the time, experience, and academic background to write a study and leader book—as well as the freedom to travel to Bible study introductory events. However, Gather is finding it increasingly difficult to identify new writers who are able to commit to such a large project. We hope that by shortening the studies, we can get new authors who could not make a commitment to write a longer study. And we think readers will enjoy hearing the perspectives of a larger, more diverse group of writers.

Also, we hope that shorter Bible studies will be more appleaing for new people who might join your monthly study group. Download and print a copy of the new Bible study brochure.

The Shape of the Year

Summer: Three sessions (June, July/August)
Fall: Three sessions (September through November)
Advent/Christmas: Shorter seasonal devotional (December)
Winter: Four sessions, probably on a book of the Bible (January/February through April)
Spring: One session, an intergenerational lesson (May)

Learn more about the upcoming Bible studies.