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What Mary knew »

What Mary knewThere are seasons in our lives that prepare us to hear the biblical text anew. It’s as if God happens over and over again so that on a particular day you have the ears to hear and the eyes to see what was always there for you to claim as your own. Leila Ortiz


Gratitude changes how we live »

Gratitude changes usI’ve had some rough times the past few years. I have regrouped, started over and then circled back—the long way around—to start over again. Karris Golden


Losing at Mindball »

Losing at MindballMy daughter and I walked through a museum exhibit on sports, where larger-than-life photographs of athletes of every kind covered the walls. There was a crash-test center where delighted children walloped various sports helmets to measure their strength. A ski simulator tested their budding slalom skills. Susan K. Olson


All God's People »

All God's People

I never imagined I’d hear God’s call while eating a sandwich at a Sunday school luncheon. Well, it was the day of the annual Christmas pageant and the time of year when Mary said, “Who, me?...OK, let it be done.” Still, it surprised me, when during ordinary small talk, the Holy Spirit suddenly showed up. Sandra D’Amico


From victim to survivor »

The journey from victim to survivorDomestic violence affects people in all walks of life. Rhonda Campbell Clay

Masks »

Pass me not Who is this woman with the untidy eyebrows? Christa von Zychlin


Pass me not »

Pass me not In making others invisible, we miss seeing Jesus. Violet Cucciniello Little


Slow down for justice »

Slow down for justice With racism, we miss what we're not looking for. Judith Roberts

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