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LWR Quilt Challenge

by Melanie W. Gibbon

In 2013, LWR boldly asked you to join us in the 2013 LWR Quilt Campaign—a challenge to gather 500,000 quilts in a single year. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Women of the E LCA, we invited you to make 25 more quilts—or 25 percent more. So many of you responded with creativity and joy.

In the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, Women of the ELCA quilters rose to the challenge as a synod, and together they made 10,170 quilts! New Hope Lutheran Church in Sand Creek, Wis., made a whopping 1,026 quilts in 2013.

We heard about quilting groups all over the country finding new ways to get their congregations involved (Saturday quilting marathon); new groups getting started for the first time (hooray for quilting mentors); summer camps taking on quilting for their service project (two camps together made 479 quilts); and countless veteran quilting groups finding renewed energy in this shared challenge.

The question on everyone’s minds this year has been: so how did we do? Did we meet the 500,000 goal? LWR learned a lot throughout this campaign, and one of those lessons was how tricky it is to count quilts and kits on a calendar-year basis. Our warehouses continued to process quilts and kits from fall ingatherings (or collections) through the end of May. We also know that many quilters who have spring ingatherings donated their 2013 quilts in the spring of 2014.

So we had to choose a cut-off date, and we landed on the number at the end of May: 485,931. This is by far the most quilts ever donated to LWR in a one-year period. Download and read the story.

Melanie W. Gibbons is quilt and kit ministry manager for Lutheran World Relief, Baltimore, Md.

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