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Moment by Moment

Burning Bush

by Jenn Moland-Kovash

A few years ago a friend expecting her first child asked me what she should do to prepare for her life to change before the child arrived. Evidently, because my own child had emerged from toddlerhood relatively unscathed, she thought I might have some advice. I remember writing her a long list of things that I hoped would be helpful.

But I struggled to think of things that would be original and not found on any well-meaning top 10 lists intended to prepare new parents for the inevitable change headed their way. After all, those lists are easily found everywhere from baby superstore aisles to the doctor’s office and every website in between.

On the one hand, I could quantify what I had added to my life in the years since welcoming my son; it felt a lot like a shopping list. Our home had become full of little shoes and stray mittens, more balls and trucks and board books than I’d thought possible.

Of course, not all the changes were things I could see when I looked around the house. My skill set had expanded to include such things as feigning fascination at the many variations of farming equipment and construction vehicles. I could make up songs at the drop of a hat. Perhaps that’s part of what changed for me: these things were now just part of my life. They felt normal.

And that remains the dilemma whenever I try to convey what has changed. How do I best share that while some days I felt like my whole life has changed, it had simply become my life—and I wasn’t really sure how one could prepare for that kind of transformation.

Jennifer Moland-Kovash is co-pastor of All Saints Lutheran Church, Palatine, Ill.

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