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Life's Rhythm

Life's Rhythmby Sonia Solomonson

You will read this article in the fall, but I’m writing it on the cusp of spring. At least those of us who have endured the long, difficult winter hope we’re nearing spring.

Already I see brave little crocuses peeking their tiny heads above the ground, greenery sprouting here and there, and robins hungrily searching for worms. The soil just smells different—more alive than it did a few weeks ago when the melting snow left to reveal the ground beneath.

Winter is a time of hibernation, of going quiet, waiting in the dark, resting. And spring, with all its signs of renewal, brings us hope and joy as it also reminds us of the natural rhythms of life.

You and I also experience these natural rhythms—times of high productivity, times of rest, times for reflection and dreaming that precede the creativity, and times of being in the zone where the creative juices flow. We experience such a rhythm in our spiritual lives. In our relationships, including our relationship with God, with ourselves and with others. That rhythm is part of all aspects of our lives. 

How then shall we live?

Sonia C. Solomonson is a life coach with Way2Grow Coaching and posts daily blogs on www.way2growcoaching.com where you can also sign up for her monthly e-zine.

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