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Miriam, Angie and Their Brothers

by Angie Shannon

With great care, expectant parents devise clever ways to introduce the new baby to older siblings. They understand that with the introduction of this new little person the family dynamic will never be the same. There is much anticipation, excitement and even joy around the arrival of the new baby but the transition is often a little bumpy. To ease this, I have seen T-shirts, buttons, and all kinds of novelties telling the world that “I am a big sister” or “I am a big brother.” Still, it can be tough if you are used to being the only child or the baby of the family.

Shortly after the birth of my brother John, family lore insists that I packed every piece of my toy luggage with my 3-year-old self and went to Grandma’s because I decided that I did not like that baby! With Grandma Bunch and Aunty, I was the center attention and the apple of their eyes. My feet didn’t touch the ground. I was the only child again!

That would come to a screeching halt when my parents made me come home and take my place in the family as the big sister. Nearly, five years later, youngest brother, Chris, completed our family. The transition was pretty smooth as I remember. At seven and a half, I liked baby dolls, and I thought it would be fun to have a little brother or sister.

The Rev. Angie Shannon is sister to John and Chris. Sharing the ministry of reconciliation with many, she is an intentional interim who flips congregations. She currently lives in Angola, Ind.

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