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We Make A Difference - June 2012

by Kathy Magnus

I found it while cleaning out my desk. It had been forgotten in the far back corner of the middle drawer, along with dog-eared photos, a 1997 handwritten note from my dad, an old tube of lipstick, a 3-cent postage stamp, and a variety of non-working ballpoint pens.

It was a small worn beige business-sized card that read:

The 1980 Lutheran Church Women (Lutheran Church in America) Triennial Convention VOTED: “That the members of LCW refrain from purchasing the products of the Nestle Company and any of its subsidiary organizations until such time as the international Code of Conduct for the marketing and promotion of infant formula is developed and there is documented proof that Nestle has complied with that code.” On the back, are listed 41 Nestle-owned corporations and products.

In some very real ways that small card changed my life. I realized we do make a difference.

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