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Walk Through Your Life - June 2012

by Kathy Kastilahn

Bad Boy Jacob, the subject of this month’s Bible study, endlessly fascinates. Trickster and deceiver, starting out with a little help from Mom, he was on the run again and again. Not a straight arrow. Yet ultimately he pierces God’s own heart, receiving forgiveness and blessing.

Notice that during the long years of his mid-adventures, Jacob travels by foot. No camel caravan for him. Or for his grandfather Abraham who got up when God said “Go!” and walked untold miles from Ur to lay claim to the land in Palestine. Moses led the Israelite slaves from Egypt home to the “Promised Land” in what was essentially a 40-year hike. We’re so used to reading these stories, we don’t even think about the fantastic process of the walks.

Same with the New Testament: Mark tells us that Jesus began his ministry by walking around the Sea of Galilee, calling to fishermen, “Follow me.” On foot. There was no first-century Land Rover to hop in. They kept on walking with him, we know, even to Jerusalem.

You’ve figured out what I’m proposing we do: Walk through the journey of our own lives and see the signs of God’s blessings for us.

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