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Lutherans Restoring Creation - April 2012

by Aaron Cooper

A lazy sunrise of red and orange beckons us into the new day; later mirrored in the palette of dusk fading into night. It’s the elegance of God’s creation that many feel called to protect.

Among such earth keepers are three Lutheran women—Alycia Ashburn, the Rev. Robyn Hartwig, and Phoebe Morad—who share this sense of responsibility and a leadership role in an ELCA-led effort: Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC).

LRC is a grassroots movement that promotes care for creation in the life and mission of the ELCA. It partners with synods to train congregational leaders to care for creation in every aspect of congregational life: worship, education, building and grounds, the lifestyle of members at home and work, and public witness.

In recognition of Earth Day this month, these three leaders were asked to discuss their thoughts on how education, faith, volunteerism, and their passion for restoring creation intersect and inform their vocations.

Aaron Cooper is advancement communications manager for Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

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